Metcut Research building Metcut was founded in 1948 with the objective of developing and disseminating technical information in the science of machinability. As our knowledge of advanced materials grew, there was a natural evolution into mechanical testing and materials evaluation.

Following World War II, three major research activities evolved which had direct and far-reaching impacts on the metal cutting segment of worldwide manufacturing:

  • the search for better, longer-lasting cutting tool materials
  • the formulation of more active cutting tool coolants and lubricants
  • the identification of more effective free-machining additives to ferrous alloys

Metcut was launched in September 1948 to provide industry with a qualified, independent source for testing, measuring, and evaluating the products of these three research activities. We helped develop much of the information and techniques for machining metals. A major contribution to this field was our development of low stress grinding techniques. Our Machinability Data Center served as a national center for metal cutting data.

Metcut continues to concentrate on materials testing, especially fracture mechanics-based evaluations. Today we are a full-service materials engineering firm providing independent applied research, development, and testing of metals, intermetallics, composites, ceramics and coatings for customers worldwide.