Metcut continues to concentrate on materials testing, including fracture mechanics-based evaluations. Today we are a full-service materials engineering firm providing independent applied research, development, and testing of metals, intermetallics, composites, ceramics and coatings for customers worldwide.

Customer Confidentiality

Due to the nature of our work, Metcut Research does not divulge customer names for promotional or other purposes. Every one of our 3500 customers can trust that Metcut will conduct their programs with complete confidentiality.

Employee Ownership

As an employee-owned company, Metcut offers its customers unmatched trust, credibility, quality, and commitment. The employees at our Metcut Research facility truly take ownership in the special jobs we handle for customers. Service and integrity are fundamental to everything we do.

Focus on Quality

We recognize we can only maintain our leadership position in the marketplace by dedicating ourselves to quality. The services we offer meet or exceed the standards applicable to each specific job. We continue to stress quality throughout every area of our company as we train all employees in newer and better techniques.